Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


Imagine yourself in a hotel, a luxurious one. Now, imagine walking out from your room to the hall, dressed up with fur bathrobe and micro pants. What do you think ? Embarrassed ? Ashamed ? Well, don’t be because that’s what Louis Vuitton newest collection looks like.

The show was shabby and old, located in a grand hotel where there were 50 rooms all lining up and the models just walked out from their rooms, dressed up with pajamas and lace dresses and micro pants and fur coats.

Somehow, reminding me of some old films, when Marilyn Monroe is the leading actress and everyone is lining up behind her, trying to comfort the lady. I love her by the way. Well, after a few looks, I started to think that maybe this is more like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany ! Remember the first scenes where she walked out of her apartment to greet the man (what’s his name ? I totally forget !), while still dress like a sleepy girl and asked him to help her dress up to go to… jail.

Okay, enough with the memories !

The collection, I have to say, is very chic and ‘vintage’. I don’t know why, but seems like everyone is trying to make me fall in love with vintage stuffs. Hmm, I won’t fall for that. Anyway, I don’t really like the shabby, sleepy colors, but I like the sexy cuts and styles. The models all look like a 50s or 60s women, not really thin (but, still, they need to eat more meats and forget about those crappy detox shits) and boney. They’re healthy.

Well, at least, they’re trying to look like healthy normal women. I appreciate that, I didn’t feel like meaty crap when I saw the slide show online.

Velvet and pajamas ? Hot. See through dress and lingerie ? Hot. Bra and coat ? Are you kidding me ? Super hot. We’re talking about ‘less is more’ right now and Louis Vuitton is rocking the term. To be honest, I am not sure if like this collection or not. I respect Marc and his collections, he is a genius. But, I like to see more colors, more brave tones and shades.

He gave me…emm….shadows. Yeah, things like that…

Well, do you like the collection ?

Taken from Style