Play Time

by gimmegoodstyle


The recent global technology growth and how youngsters become attached to those gadgets are the reasons why I am making this post. To tell you, I am not a social observer or some philosopher who is trying to solve world’s problem. Nope. I guess this… epidemic (or whatever you want to call it) looks very interesting to discuss.

Lately, my friends just bought an iPod and Galaxy Note II, which are super cute and amazing, but when I asked them why they’re buying a new gadget while they still have their old phones attached to their hands, they just simply answered; “we bought them because we want to play the games.” 

Huh ? Really ?

Well, so far, they did use it for gaming. It’s making me ache with pain. You’re spending a lot of money just to play a game (Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfer to be exact).

Can you imagine how much possibility you can make from those very high-tech gadgets ?

I am not going to pretend that I hate gadgets. I love them. In fact, I am saving money to buy a new camera, but that’s because my cousins and uncles told me that I am good at photography, and I know that I like it. I have been craving for it since I was a junior high school student and I am still craving for it now. This, I use as the main factor why I am buying it.

One thing for sure, I think the technologies are making us blind with our own creativities. We’re tempted to buy something we like, not something we need. I guess, instead of using your gadgets to play games and things like that, it’s better to use it to… I don’t know. Write a blog ? Make a cool, indie short films with that new 8 megapixel blah-blah-blah-retina ? Learn to make music with Free Piano apps ?

Whatever that can make you become a new, improved, productive and creative person.

Ciao !

P.S : Sorry for the oily picture. I was taking it while finishing my lunch and things were getting quite greasy and wild. We were starving !