Japanese Marathon

by gimmegoodstyle

kaiseki luxirare.com

I am craving for real, fresh sushi lately (I know, I know, blame my friends and Tokio Kitchen !) and it’s a hard thing to satisfied because there aren’t a lot of real ‘sushi’ restaurants in Jakarta. Let me tell you what kind of real ‘sushi’ I have been craving for;

First, it has to be raw and cold, but just like all Japanese people would suggest, it has to be fresh and juicy. I mean, what is more delicious than a raw, reddish, juicy salmons ?

Second, it has to be seafood or at least, look like one. Eel, scallop or anything that comes from the sea works fine with sushi. Who doesn’t adore seafood ? They’re like a tiny miracle, if you combine them with some sushi rice and wasabi.

Third, a good healthy dessert. Maybe a matcha ice cream or frozen mochi. Okay, to be honest, dessert is not really ‘real’ sushi thing whatsoever. But, they taste like heaven after eating tons of sushi and feel like you’re going to explode. And I am sure I am going to need this round.

Uh, maybe I can’t eat any ‘real’ sushi because of financial -and locational- problems right now. But, thanks to the internet, I managed to find some beautiful sushi and decided that I will stare at these luxurious photos until I get my chance to get out and eat the ‘real’ sushi.

Taken from Luxirare