Saint Laurent Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


Whenever me and my friends have a fashion talk, they always bully Saint Laurent’s new head designer, Hedi Slimane. I really don’t know why. And I always -always- defend him, not because he is an inspiration for me or something touchy like that. I guess, he deserves a lot better… review.

(This is a really objective opinion. Real objective.)

Hedi proves himself worthy of Saint Laurent. He managed to make the brand looks slightly edgier and less…. boring. He is a good designer. Maybe, the secondary facts that he is also a photographer and more to menswear than women’s, cover his prestations and leave some bad stigmas in his hands. Not to mention that not all people like the new brand’s name.

Huh, what a shame !

Anyway, forget about those comments and let’s focus on the collection. Inspired by Californian Grunge, the clothes are pretty much.. grunge. You know, short denim, leather jackets, mourning dresses, a bit chaotic make ups, fur scarves in much harsher ways. Normal stuffs like that.

One thing that makes this collection looks a lot better is the ‘Jenny Humphrey’ moment that I have every time I see those skirts, dresses, and schoolgirl’s styles mixed with youth’s rebel attitudes. I know, I am such a Gossip Girl freak (who isn’t ?). But, if you watch the show and then watch the collection, then you will agree with me.

I mean, it’s obvious right ?

My freakiness aside, I think I love the collection. It’s quite good and stable. Hedi didin’t play with dangerous them this season, but he managed to put some serious clothes to see. I have a feeling that he is not focusing on high fashion or editorial, his target (probably) is high street and young rich clients. Just like Wang.

He is mixing haute couture-like dresses with some basic items like plaid shirts, or simple scarves, very wearable and different than what Saint Laurent used to be. One more reason to love this talented guy.

Hmm, well, new designers in the old fashion houses sure have the same idea on the head;

Mission : Conquer the street of fashion.

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