Go Wagyu

by gimmegoodstyle


I am a big fan of meat especially beef. I know, I am such a fat collector, I am not even sure how much calories do I eat every single day. More like every single hour. I am also a compulsive eater, you know.

Well, I am asking you who can hold their diets infront of juicy, medium cooked Wagyu steak, completed with mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables and mushroom sauces ?

Probably, Kate Moss, but she is not on the list.

Anyway, I went to this steak restaurant called GoWagyu and rumors say, they serve one of the best wagyu in town. Ohh, such a high reputation to bear especially in Jakarta, where restaurants and cafes are swarming like mosquitoes in humid days.

I sat right beside the glowing symbols, so do your logic wether I am hidden or so easy to spot. Note that the symbol is glowing and really big (it covers almost half of the wall).

I ordered green tea blend, wagyu steak without fat medium cooked with mashed potatoes and black pepper sauce. My sister ordered chicken steak with mashed potatoes and ice lemon tea (she prefer mushroom sauce, but later ordered barbecue one too).

We waited for several minutes for the drinks and I didn’t complain about the waiting time because I was busy taking pictures and talking to my friends via What’s App (I live in history where people still communicate with What’s App and BBM rather than Line or things like that).

The Wagyu

I once read in magazine, wagyu beef is one of the most delicious beef in the world. Second only to Matsuzaka steaks, even Australian admitted that this beef is holy in taste ! Well, I do expect some extraordinary taste after reading such reviews and compliments. My sister also reassured me that the steak would be fabulous.

Eh, I am such a picky and loud complainer so people tend to babysit me in restaurants (they don’t want me to embarrass the staffs and myself).

My steak came up with perfect medium cooked color and soft-texture mashed potatoes. BUT they gave me wrong sauce ! They gave me the mushroom one and I had to fight for the waitress’s attention to change my sauce (I was sitting beside the LOGO. For God’s sake, how hard it is to spot me ?)

Forget about the sauce incident, I was happy to eat the steak. The meat tastes really tasty and juicy inside my mouth. The mushroom sauce is just perfect, I can even taste some mushroom chops inside the sauce. And the mashed potatoes taste real good, I love the moist texture and how it melts inside my mouth, mixed with mushroom sauce and reside calmly in my stomach.

And don’t worry about the portion. I think it just right, it doesn’t come in fantastic size.

It’s just right.

Perfect !


The Grilled Chicken

I didn’t expect the chicken to be really… delicious.

I always prefer fried chicken steak, but this grilled one is simply amazing. I mean, I know how they burned the steak and what spice they use (pff, how-to-grill-a-chicken is such a general knowledge, you know), but I don’t know why, they managed to make the inside of the chicken looks so delicious and taste like heaven !

Yum ! If you don’t have enough money, better order this one. Cheap (for restaurant standard) and delicious. The portion looks a bit small, but the amount of mashed potatoes and the sauce compromise it.

Love this menu !

P.S : The waitress came with grilled chicken with FRIED potatoes and I almost bit her stupid head off because she still innocently (and half-angry) asked; But, you ordered the FRIED ones !

Oh, you didn’t know what you were saying, huh ?

(I raised my tone and stared at her while saying; I. Want. Mashed. Potatoes.)

(Always works !)


The Drinks

The Green Tea Blend

It tastes a bit too sweet (I am still an Indonesian), but I like the green tea texture and the signature bitter flavor. The blend makes the green tea tastes smaller than it looks. But, again, the portion is just right.

The Lemon Tea

Ah, classic lemon tea, my sister kept on telling me that it has too much sugar. But, when I tasted it, I thought the lemon tea tastes good and standard. Well, even though they have to calm down the sweetness a bit.



We heart this restaurant. They have to work on the service and air conditioner (I was melting because of my anger toward the service and the temperature) though. I was screaming to get the waitresses’ attentions and it’s not even crowded. Can you believe that ?

But, thanks to the foods, I was able to keep my calm.

Good food, bad service or bad food, perfect service.

Which one do you choose ?