Stephan Scheneider

by gimmegoodstyle

stephan scheneider

Have you ever heard about Stephan Scheneider before ?

Because, honestly, I hadn’t (I am not sure if I spell his name right !) and just recently I read about him on some random blog and absolutely fall in love with his design.

He is able to make such wearable clothes without leaving the intimacy and artistic side. His designs are a bit gloomy, but that’s totally fine. The dark side is always more interesting than all goody-goody side.

Anyway, I am not sure where and how much the price of the clothes is, but I am going to check him as soon as possible. Huf, it’s good to talk about new and young designers after intense high-fashion show for about 4 weeks. Non stop.

Time for young generations to take the bow!

Taken from Style Bubble