Geek of the Day : Cédric Le Borgne

by gimmegoodstyle


Let’s take a ride to Geneva to check out this interesting art installment by Cédric. He made this fake bird that is able to light up right in the middle of the trees for 2012 Festival Arbres en Lumière. I know, it’s really difficult to spell, right ?

Anyway, among others installments and arts, I still think that he has one of the most exciting and inspiring. I like the simplicity of the idea, to take normal birds that we’ve seen everyday and make them become something more different.

Just imagine, walking out in the middle of cold night, it’s a bit snowy (we’re in Switzerland by the way), you need something to comfort you and make you feel safe. You look up to the trees, and there it is ! Big, cute and very bright bird, looking down to you as to say; Hey, I am right here fella ! Go get some hot chocolates while I light your way to the cafe! 

Don’t you think that is adorable ?

I seriously consider making a statue like that infront of my house….

Taken from My Modern Met