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Ah, it’s been a long time since the last time we talked about men ! I believe, the last article about them is the ice cream one, am I right ? Anyway, if you want to read the ice cream article, just push the search button and you’ll be okay.

Let’s talk about men again… Hmm, I think we should talk about gentleman.

Gentleman is the upper level in men hierarchy.

Gentleman is a cool guy with warm heart and wise enough to know how to interact with his surroundings (means no awkward conditions when he is seeing your parents or friends). Financially, a gentleman knows when and how to pay or accomodate his girlfriend. Spiritually, he is able to lift his girlfriend’s spirit and always able to, somehow, support her. Stylishly, a gentleman knows how to wear a suit (this is a fashion blog, what do you expect ?), without looking like a pathetic high school students who are forced by their parents to wear their uniforms and suits. Ugh.

I know what you are thinking right now;

Impossible ! You are describing a perfect guy that DOESN’T exist, dammit !!

Uh, okay, let’s lower the requirements….

A gentleman is;

  • Able to wear a suit and act like a multibillionaire (means, he has a charisma). 
  • Able to pay a few dinner dates.
  • Has a legal job.
  • Able to support himself, financially and mentally (no psycho ex-girlfriend, porn habits, super extraordinaire families -in a bad way).
  • Good in bed (and I am not talking about body massage !)

I guess, it’s still too high for men these days, but we are talking about gentlemen ! Imagine James Bond and his husky, manly voice. Not some ridiculous bastards that you can find in some cheap bars. Anyway, a good gentleman is not always a good boyfriend.

Stick to your love ones and you’ll find out that they’re a gentleman at heart !

Happy hunting single ladiesss !!

Taken from StreetFSN

P.S : You are free to add your gentleman’s criteria on the comments*

P.P.S : Means, I have no idea what to write about anymore.