Simone Rocha Spring 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


I know that this collection is last season, but for some of us who can’t afford to buy this season’s collection straight for the runway. Well, we can only hang on to spring and summer collection and try to shield our bodies from the chilly winter’s wind. Anyway, spring is right infront of our eyes and I can’t wait to get out from this gloomy clouds into bright sun and comfortable air.

Where were we ?

Oh, right, Simone Rocha.

Simone made a gorgeous collection mostly featuring lace and neon colors (with some gold outfits too). I am not the biggest fan of lace, but I won’t deny that most of the women look very… fabulous in that material. Oh, and I just love the shoes, they look very sporty and chic. Perfect combination for those girls who like to dress ignorantly, but still want to look cool (Isabel Marrant kind of girls).

Taken from Style Bubble