iPad Is A Blogger’s Best Friend

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-03-12 12:24:55 +00001

Watching people slowly walk away from a cafe with iPad on their hands, busy flicking pages of unimportant news from some virtual magazines always make me feel like an idiot with super huge Vogue (printed edition) on the table, struggling to balanced the coffee (on my left hand) and the magazine (on the right).

No, this is not Apple marketing ad, this is a real life situation.

Not only in the cafe, I found out that iPad slowly becomes necessary in our lives. It’s hard not to find those tiny little plates on the streets. People are changing their worlds and they do it by packing their whole social connections into these gadgets. And the fastest one to do it is blogger. I can tolerate that because we, blogger, tend to receive and share as much information as we can because we are racing to the top of popularity. Believe it or not.

The most popular blogger always get a better job and glamorous lives, especially fashion bloggers. That’s why iPad becomes one of ‘must have’ tools to shorten the race. Well, I felt like an old geek sitting with my laptop while my friends busy talking about the newest Vogue UK issue on some apps I don’t recognize. And will never be, probably.

Huh, kids these days….

Anyway, I am not saying that I hate iPad or other tabs. No. I like them. In some surprising occasions, I found that having these devices are really helpful. But, there are some luxuries that iPad cannot give. For example; with my Mac I can get a satisfied feeling, knowing that I can write with these super fabulous keyboards, give my fingers a healthy exercise, which is a very frustrating thing to do on iPad’s virtual keyboard.

And, I can stare at other bloggers’ fabulous photos for a long time without having to hurt my eyes.

I simply love my MacBook more than iPads. People are trying to convince me to buy one, but nope ! I will stick with this metallic laptop until it stops working or there are some laws that require students to buy iPads and abandon their laptops. Ugh. Cyborg era has begun and I am not giving a shit about it.

Sincerely yours,

STYLE  (or a guy who just abandoned his chance to get a new iPad mini) (and I am still calling myself a tech geek)