Geek of the Day : Kelly Allen

by gimmegoodstyle


There are a big differences in pencil colors and oil paint. Pencils look way paler, but oil paint gives brighter and braver color. Now, both of the tools have their own advantages. I usually use pencil if I feel like it’s hard to draw with brush and I am in my clumsy mode, but oil paint gives more ideal colors, more natural. But, more cursing to do and shitty things to say especially when the water falls down into your laps.

Ugh. Disgusting.

One thing I cannot do is to combine both of them in one piece of paper. I can’t make the colors balance and complete each other. Feels like having a two girlfriends at the same time and they meet each other in one restaurant and starting to fight for dominance. No, definitely not my thing.

But, looks like Kelly Allen has done some good jobs in combining both of the materials. Her paintings look soo alive and extraordinarily colorful, it makes me crawl under my bed and sob. My drawings are shameful. Most of Kelly’s drawings are inspired from animals and natural lives, but I am sure you’ll be quite satisfied with them. They’re very… exciting and look very real. There, I say it again. Real, real, real, but she manages to put some imaginations into them, making her drawing not too ‘easy’ to understand.

One thing I really appreciate from artists and their works.

Skills and imaginations, she is surely the next big thing (or already a big thing I didn’t recognize before).

Taken from Dearest Nature kelly allen kelly-allen-01