Marni Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

marni fall13

Marni collection is not beautiful or elegant, no, I usually refer Marni as ‘pretty’. There is a sweet girl’s charms in Marni clothes. It reflects on the colors they use and the patterns which are very tempting to buy. But this season Marni collection becomes much  stricter. The coats are all black and a bit mournful, just like I said several times before; there is no worthy colors these months, the skirts are straight and androgynous.

Hmm, this is not Marni that I usually see.

Truth to be told, I don’t really like this collection. Some pieces are amazingly chic and simple (like the fur scarves and the coats), but I always feel that Marni’s soul is in it’s colors and warm, exciting patterns. I can only feel cold winter nights and toughness in this collection. I want that ‘pretty’ feeling back to the runway.

Ugh, hate myself when I become all super-fashion-natural (and a bit childish) like this.

But I honestly can’t connect myself with this collection. Maybe because of the mournful and serious situations it gives. Some fashion writers said that Marni’s show was a combination between ‘austerity and romanticism’ (and Consuelo Castiglioni herself agreed).

But if it’s true, then I can only get into the austerity level. Not really romantic if you ask me.

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