STYLE Loves : Machine-A and Alex Mattsson

by gimmegoodstyle

machine a

I am not featuring him because Alex has the same name with me (people call me Alex you know, not Gimme Good Style), but because he just made a cool collaboration with British independent multi label boutique, Machine-A. Alex designed some t-shirts, iPhone cases (why designers always made iPhone cases, but they never made Samsung’s or Nokia’s ??).

I love the collaboration and the collection, especially the blue-studded bag !

Simply too cool to ignore.

There is only a handful of designers that are able to understand young men needs, especially teenagers, and most of their designs are either too formal or too old. But, Alex and Machine-A didn’t disappoint their fans who had been waiting for a victorious and, of course, cool come back.

Time to go to Machine-A Brits, go go go !

Taken from Style Bubble

P.S : I don’t know if the items are still available or not. Anyone has some extra infos to share ?