Mountain Home in Jalisco, Mexico

by gimmegoodstyle


I am not a good hiker or anything that related to sports. I am an indoor person. Yeah, those geeks that you can find, lurking in dark corners in some random libraries, trying to write a good article or draw something valuable to share. But I can’t deny that I enjoy watching scenery and just stand still, trying to absorb the beauty of the nature as much as possible.

It’s one of the best moments that I can expect in my life.

And sadly I hadn’t able to enjoy it much because like what I said before, I am not an outdoor person. I am afraid that I can kill myself, if I join some hiking vacations with my friends which makes good scenery and precious-moment-in-life seems not really beautiful anymore.

Actually, my friends are the ones who said that. I define myself as a ‘regular’ person in hiking, but looks like everyone agreed to give me ‘pathetically looser’ level, which is the new level in hiking. 

Thank God, I found a solution to this pathetic problem. I just have to buy (or rent) (or sneak inside) this wonderful Mountain Home. Unlike any other Mountain Home, which looks more like old, sad, small shack, this home looks pretty much very modern and bright… and luxurious. This is a piece of high society life in the middle of wilderness.


Designed by Agraz Arquitectos and located in Santa Anita Golf Club of Tlajomulco in Jalisco, Mexico. The Home are separated into 4 levels, each with different functions, such as auto mobile garage (read; super cars garage or place-where-I-keep-my-Ferrari), bedrooms and kitchen.

Hmm, not a bad facility, right ?

Anyway, I am still a bit afraid to live in this Mountain Home, I just finished watching Cabin in the Woods, but I am gladly accept, if anyone kindly invites me to spend a night in this home.

Eh… wilderness, mountains, some rocky roads and a lot of good foods and luxurious bed ? Here I come !

Taken from Fresh Home