Geek of the Day : Horfee

by gimmegoodstyle


Graffiti can be a thing I like the most and, at the same time, a thing I hate the most. If you live in Jakarta, you can easily see a lot of meaningless words, scattered on the walls of private buildings and houses. Some of them are rude and very inappropriate. Yet those kids, who has done all this mess, still dare to call them selves ‘street artists’.

Well, they look more like brats than artists.

But that doesn’t mean that I hate all graffiti and street arts. In fact, there are some really good illegal graffitis that I love, like the ones under flyover bridges in Central Jakarta or graffitis on Unurth (good website!) and I still think that police should give some awards to Bansky, not trying to arrest him.

In short, I love street arts when they are polite and still give some valuable messages to people, especially young generations (yeah, you kiddo!)

That’s why I can’t resist but feel awe and sort of… amused by Horfee’s works. He is such a strange artist and man, because he doesn’t even have a bank account (can you believe that?), he made illegal graffiti and still trying to make his way into high-art world. A world that belongs to Takashi Murakami and other artists that I am not familiar with, and works I will never understand.

Even though Horfee’s works are admirable (I love his cartoony way on describing some social events or anything that happens inside his imaginative head), I still feel that there is something… I don’t know, rough? Cruel? Things that make me feel uneasy when standing in the middle of his paintings.

What do you think? Do you like his style? Or you feel the same way with me?

Anyway, just check his works at Wilkes Street Gallery in East London. You can see his drawings, graffitis, sculptures, everything that he made until now.

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Taken from Dazed Digital