On the Carpet : Dior Wonderland Opens At Harrods!

by gimmegoodstyle

dior at harrods vogue.co.uk

To cut the story short, Dior CEO, Sidney Toledano, thinks that Dior’s customers want something more and the high fashion brand decided to give them what they want. A super exhibition including all the works of Dior, pop up stores, window displays, exhibition and tons of decorations. And lucky you British, they open this marvelous fashion wonderland at Harrods, London.


No fancy clothes and Dior’s history at other cities?

The Wonderland needs more than 18 months to complete and it consists of everything you can think about London. London Eye? Big Ben? Tower Bridge? All set and ready to be adored. And you’ll find a lot of Harrods-inspired things because it is, indeed, inspired by the brand’s long term partnership with the department store.

Anyway, you can find the Wonderland at Harrods from last Friday (March 15) to April 14.

There is probably no discount or promos, but you’ll miss a lot of things (like I do), if you don’t visit it.

I am very sure about it. No doubt.

Taken from Vogue UK