What Notes Do You Need?

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-03-17 11:46:55 +00001

Writing is a hobby of mine, even though I have tons of lazy moments where I feel uninspired and very very very sick of papers and inks. Those are the moments I respect and I take it as an alarm, reminding me of my own boredom. Usually I go out and have a nice conversation with my friends and family, stroll around a little bit, trying to get as much fresh air as I can contain, buy new notes or pens and then go back to my shelter and to my writing.

And, yes, as you can see the worst moments aren’t the ones when I lost all the inspirations. Nope. The worst ones are when I feel too lazy to continue even though I’ve get as many entertainment as I can get.

I call it ‘post-laziness’ moments.

Let me tell you, those moments are horrible. It’s like I am reforming a new story and article in my head, but my hands refused to move and I am starting to make excuses…

The notebook isn’t good enough… the pens are rubbishes… I need a new mouse pad… I have to change the font of my computer along with the screen saver blah blah blah…. 

Slowly I realized that writing is one fucking (excuse my language) hard thing to do! You can always find an excuse not to write AND because you’re a writer and good with words, you can actually convinced people. Draw their sympathies and, in the end, you’ll find the trying to help you. When I reach into this phase, I usually feel guilty and miserable. What a pathetic writer!

Thank God, with a little bit of hel here and there, I am trying to remove this ‘post-laziness’ habit. I found out that the only cure to this problem is to sit down, take a very deep breath, remove all the thoughts about back pain and how you miss your bed, lift your fingers a bit, grab the nearest pen and avoid the ‘this is suck’ thought… and write.


Yet I feel soo tired after doing it. But that feels much better than laying lazily with tons of words, flying in my head and I am too lazy (or unmotivated) to write about them, even though I know I can.

Hmm, who needs self help aisle ?

(Oh, and we’re going to talk about self-help books soon !)