The Black Black Black

by gimmegoodstyle

carineshields paris

All right, choosing outfits can be a difficult problem during fashion weeks (or during normals days. I find it hard to separate). Yeah, you know, no time to really dress up, but you have to look good infront of street photographers and fellow fashionistas (or fellow frenemies). The only instant solution is; play safe.

And what is safer than black on black with black?

(Um, you know what I mean)

I mean, Oscar de la Renta will hate you (he is a pink-man), but we don’t have much time to debate with Oscar.

He can wait after the show.

But, even though playing with black can hardly be wrong, I am starting to feel the boredom. Is black really the everlasting color? I don’t think so. With black scattering every where during fashion weeks (and, honestly, during normal days too), I think people should wear other color and make it their own classics, you know.

I, myself, start thinking that my ‘classic’ is white (or grey) and stop wearing my black t-shirts. Kinda makes me sad though.

What do you think? Black… or no black?

Taken from Jak and Jil