Dough Donuts

by gimmegoodstyle

dough donuts

I am blabbering about spring and all it’s glories lately, but I think karma has gotten me. Tonight is really freezing (blame the air conditioner) and rainy and I am starving for something sweet and warm to eat. I have several options, but the most tempting one is… doughnut!

Yeay! Imagining glazed doughnuts and chocolate topped doughnuts, completed with some almond-with-cream doughnuts, makes me feel like I haven’t eat anything since Monday. Oh, I am in heaven filled with doughnuts. I used to debate with my own self wether to buy coffee or nice, cool lemon tea to send those heavenly pieces down my throat. Because my business lately that makes me go to bed above eleven o’clock, I’ll choose coffee.

Uh, the bad thing is the rain makes me unable to go anywhere even to soo-normal place called Dunkin Donuts. I am stucked with some dry peanuts, chips (dry too. Euhhh…) and cold ion drinks whatsoever.

Yikessssss… Where is the love?

Taken from Luxirare