What Is Your Favorite Magazine?

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-03-18 14:13:59 +00001

I am a magazine junkie and my mom hates it when she has to see me spending a lot of money in the book store, especially in magazine corner. But I can’t help it. Magazine is my, I don’t know, my source of inspiration and I just love looking at all those glamorous photos, gowns and fashion. Ah, and for your info, I first interested in becoming a blogger because of magazine. Tavi was on the cover and she amazed me with her intelligence and style, the rest is history.

When my mom asked me why I always buy new magazines, I stumbled. That’s a hard question to answer correctly.

My first reactions are; I love magazines… I wanna be a writer… I like reading… I like the photos… bla bla bla. There are a lot of answers that I can make. A long list of excuses that are weak enough to make my mom stop giving me my weekly money and burn all of my magazines (ah, another story to tell…). Those aren’t the answers I want to give.

That’s why I just stumbled and went ahead to the cashier. Better safe than sorry. I did think seriously about this magazine issue for awhile though. Why people buy magazine? Why we waste our money, reading a few words in some random articles in topics we’re never interested and wont be interested? Especially fashion magazines with more pictures (and ads!) than real articles. Seriously, I spend a  lot of times, staring at those expensive clothes. Clothes, I know I won’t be able to buy yet.

Are we dumbs?

After awhile, I guess we’re not. Magazines come with real purpose as a media to communicate and tell what is happening in this world. Fashion magazine on the other hand is a media to feed my imagination. A media to learn fashion and understand more about the industry. It looks a bit unimportant than newspaper or Times magazine, etc etc. Nope. But it’s important enough for me. Magazine is my connection with the world of fashion, almost the same with my blog. It also serves as my hard disc. Tons of style that I’ll slowly forget and, when the time has come, I can always open them and surprised with the old, forgotten style. Or maybe my children?

Who knows?

Keep buying (real) (I mean, paper based) magazine guys. Source of life.

P.S: In case you wanna ask, my fave magazines are Vogue and Nylon (for lighter reading). What’s yours?