STYLE Loves: iPhone 5 Purse

by gimmegoodstyle

iphone5 purse

New trend in fashion is to bring at least as possible, which means no oversized handbag with things you won’t need, but you keep it for ‘what if’ conditions that will (probably) never happen. No, girls. No more lipstick in 5 different colors, romance novel to read in over-crowded subway or at lunch break, journal that you’ll regret because even though it’s chic, it weights more than a kilo, tons of make ups, hidden money here and there, a roll (or maybe more) tissues and, well, I don’t know… handbag is a women’s world after all.

As a man, I am good with a wallet and my smartphone. I can’t stand (or almost can’t stand) women who are really thinking hard about things she want to bring with her and started to argue with herself for hours. Uh, we still have much more things to do. I don’t have that patience anymore. Thank God, looks like women become smarter too. They become lighter and more objective in what they need.

A smartphone, purse, identity card and credit card sound good enough for daily basis now.

But brands are playing with their needs and still producing high numbers of handbags (beautiful, yes, but too large and look too heavy for their new, found essentials). We are looking for something smaller and still stylist. Good enough to work and to the club at night. If we don’t find it, then we are doomed. We are going back to the what-if-i-need-that era and men are going to have their patiences being tested. Again.


What about this Luxirare iPhone 5 purse? Sporty, chic and very high-tech. I am not sure if most of the women use iPhone 5 (no sexism feelings though), but we are living in the era of Apple (for most of people). I guess, it won’t be a big problem.

The purse has three zippers which allow you to organize your things even though the space isn’t as large as before. The main feature is to ease iPhone 5 users in opening and closing their phones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy it, if you don’t have an iPhone 5. Nope. The design is really simple and chic, you can wear it as a simple accessories or normal purse, there are no big differences.

What do you think girls? Good enough for your new needs?

Taken from Luxirare