Red Blotch

by gimmegoodstyle


In city like New York (or Jakarta or Paris or whatever big city you reside in), we tend to see people wear the same suits, same color, same style. Boring. Maybe because they don’t have much time dressing up or still waiting for the perfect moment to re-invent their wardrobes.

Actually, it’s not that hard putting some stylish outfits everyday. You just have to remind yourself what you want to dress like and in what kind of occasion  Like for wedding, you can wear really chic simple black dress or summer dress (if it’s a garden party and happens in the middle of summer) and add a really serious heels or necklaces.

I am sure people we like it.

And for daily basis, well, I don’t have much to talk about because the photo above is the perfect example. Oversized sweater, which is just very comfy, add a really bright red sweater and some old boots. There you go. Effortlessly chic and stylish. I also suggest some jeweled beanie or cool hats, just for fun.

The point is; you can always wear something simple but don’t forget to put some craziness in it.

Taken from The Sartorialist