Fletcher Hotel

by gimmegoodstyle

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I think I have never featured a 4-star hotel before. I mean, it’s weird, isn’t it? The title looks so un-finished ‘The Famous 4 Star Hotel’. Why don’t make it up to 5. Sounds more… luxurious. And prestigious. Ah, and I was proven wrong like usual, 4 stars isn’t always that bad, you know. Maybe because they fly too close to 5 stars, their names become outshine and sounds soo dull. Sad stigma.

Fletcher Hotel seems like trying to erase that stigma by re-designing it’s building into a new, dazzling skyscraper. The theme is modern with unique, eco friendly interior by KOLENIK eco chic design. The hotel itself looks illuminatingly beautiful, located in the middle of Amsterdam streets. Hmm, somehow, it’s reminds me of Swiss’s cheese.

The hotel’s 19th floor is designed for smokers (a rare thinking, huh?), below it is a nice, classic sky restaurant which offers the most amazing view of Amsterdam. Oh, have I told you that it also has the biggest chandelier in the world? Almost 1500 kilograms, four meters high and nine meters wide. You can see it in Sky Restaurant Pi’s bar.

What a luxury!

Amsterdam sure has a lot of good hotels. My only question is; is this the 4-stars hotel…What does the 5 stars hotel look like? 

A question that I am sure will be answered, if you give me enough time for googling, lazying around and typing as fas as possible. Ciao.

Taken from Fresh Home