Geek of the Day: Floating Bar

by gimmegoodstyle


Japanese is known for their sense of fictions and fantasies and things that are ‘kawai’ (I mean, cute). But I had no idea that they would build a really cool bar in form of UFO-inspired ship and it can actually sail with you in it. Imagine drinking a good, hard Tequila inside a giant UFO. What a life, isn’t it?

Designed by Leiji Matsumoto, the Jicoo Floating Bar is ready to give you a ride to Tokyo. Giving you the best scenery of Japan’s infamous capital city from it’s bay. I’ve been to Tokyo before and I had never heard about this bar. Never, not even once. And the brochure told me that it has been around for several years…

My tour guide must be blind. Foolish man. I know it since he asked me to pay more for tips (or maybe I was the one that is guilty for not giving enough tips). Anyway, based on my experience, maybe you should do more asking about this bar when you visit Tokyo. Hehe, what is the Japanese for ‘Jicoo Floating Bar’ or ‘Spaceship-bar that sails around Tokyo and unbelievably beautiful’?

Taken from Fubiz