Jumping Problem

by gimmegoodstyle

jump ! streetfsn

I know fashion weeks can be frustrating and consume a lot of energy and, in some cases, can drive you insane. But please please please…even though you’re in hurry, don’t jump or do something dangerous after the show.

I mean, I know that you have to catch up with the next show as soon as possible, but don’t you know that heels/tick soles shoes can be very tricky and slippery? Not really good for jumping and running or tracking or anything that sounds like ‘sport’.

Helllooo… this is fashion week. Not Olympic. Ah, and that Kenzo towel/skirt/scarf is just not right for jumping. Even though it’s just chic and trendy and really high-street. Okay, I am definitely green with envy.

Back to the topic…

Okay, so here’s the conclusion; no towel/sweater/scarf, jumping to the middle of the street, running like crazy with heels or high soles shoes. Safety first, fashion shows later.

P.S: And if you know that you’re going to jump a lot. Well, you can buy more jumpsuits and short pants (maybe something from Stella McCartney or DKNY?)

Taken from Street FSN