Fur Hood

by gimmegoodstyle

carolina issa, paris thesartorialist

Uh, I hope I am not too late to give you a trend update from high street. And what I mean by high street is the streets at fashion capital cities (this time I choose Paris). Oohh… its filled with trendy people and high brands that are able to make me droll and droll and fainted because the amount of chicness in the air. Cause of death: too fierce to handle.

Anyway, I know that spring is coming, but you have to still be careful with the rain and maybe a little snow. Who knows? With global warming and such crazy stuffs that are happening around the world. Maybe we’ll greet a new winter instead of spring. Well, if it’s really happening, then I am ready to cuddle up and cover up with this super chic and fabulous fur hoodie.

You can buy tons of hoodies from Gap or Giordano (who likes to wear Giordano?). But you’ll never surpass this one.

And umbrella? Pff…lame. Who wants to wear umbrella when you can make people (boys and girls) stare at you and thinking; what a rich/fabulous/sexy/cool woman!

Taken from The Sartorialist