Geek of the Day: Isa Barbier

by gimmegoodstyle


There is something different in Isa Barbier’s latest installment, hanged gull feathers with some fancy lights and shapes. I guess the dimensions and the shapes that the feathers create are more composed, less chaotic and form something understandable. I mean, I have seen tons of installment with different strange materials and they create round, abstract shapes that look like nonsense. No offense. Isa succeeded on presenting the material as a geometric entity,  making a beautiful, um… sparkling, flowing arts.

Ah, and here’s Isa comment on her work:

“The geometry does not come from an express decision to organise the space, but results rather from the imprint of a luminous spatial happening… Geometrization removes shapes from any expressive dimension and serves to short-circuit our innate desire to interpret, to find hidden meanings behind an object. Using a smooth and non-representational composition, the work draws attention to its abstract form so as to blossom out in its total sensitivity.”

To be honest, I was trying to make those sentences into easy-to-understand post, but I gave up halfway and just decided to copy-paste it. I know, what a shame. Call me a lazy blogger and I’ll agree.

Taken from My Modern Met