Scandinavian Simple Apartment

by gimmegoodstyle


90 square apartment sounds small compare to some other architectural buildings that I’ve featured on the blog so far. But you have to remember that we’re not living in a fairytale or magazine like Hello. You’re lucky, if you can buy a nice, small and, maybe, a bit old suburban house in Connecticut or places like that. I know, I am being cruel right now. That’s the truth anyway.

Well, if I am lucky enough to be able to choose, I won’t choose a nice, small house in Connecticut. Nope. I will move to Poland and live the rest of my (standard)(probably not) life in this simple yet very beautiful apartment. Designed by Minimal Studio Architects, the apartment that located in Warsaw, Poland, stays true to Scandinavian traditional style. The colors are a bit lacking and plain, only consist of black, white, brown and grey with touches of wood here and there.

One thing that makes me fall in love with this home is the mix between ‘elegant’ and ‘maturity’. It’s not a hipster apartment anymore, this is a more mature, grown up apartment that knows no parteehhh…. Sounds a bit dull, but it’s better to be sober than drunk with too much laughs and alcohol and fading happiness. Am I right?

Taken from Fresh Home