The Simple Club

by gimmegoodstyle


There are times when fashion needs a lot of preparations and things to be done. Just for one single flashy moments.

Now, it’s really hard to find someone who still wants to dress like that. Sequins and glamour dresses aren’t in the wardrobe anymore. Who needs sequins and glitters, when you’re all set with velvet and little black dress? Who needs to wear sombrero hats, when you are ready to go with your beanie?

If you’re feeling the same way with me, well, welcome to the simple club. The new generation of fashion that knows no difficulty or time to dress up. This is the generation when people dress as simple as possible and as fast as they can. Black becomes the it color and bright colors like pink, red or green need more time to be on the fashionistas’ shopping lists.

I am not saying that I hate the way we dress nowadays. Not really. Even though I miss watching the glamorous gowns on the red carpets, even celebrities tend to use something like… jumpsuit. My God, seriously, jumpsuit? Wearing a jumpsuit on red carpet for me is like trying to find a short cut to chicness and ‘best dressed list’. Uncreative and I won’t count it on my ‘best high fashion’ moments.


Anyway, I like the simplicity and chicness women give in their simple outfits, but I also want to feel ‘that’ fashion feeling. A feeling when you feel really confident and elegant and smart in some gowns (I am thinking about Audrey Hepburn) that you really like, maybe with a touch of jewelries like pearls or diamonds (more Breakfast at Tiffany relevance).

Ah, it’s even better when they still held parties like the ones in 50s or 60s film. Romantically addictive.

Taken from The Sartorialist