Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


If a (sex) scandal can become a collection, then Burberry is the one that nailed it. Bailey’s current muse Christine Keeler, a showgirl that slept with some politicians (British of course) and spies and drugs dealer at the same time. Well, what an exhausting job! Christine made political havoc (think James Bond) and tons of angry comments and semi documenter movies as well as some nice controversial photos, after she admitted (or the public found out) who she slept with and how the affairs went down. Anyway, it’s unusual to see the nice-guy Christopher Bailey to go down and…well, dirty to create a collection with such heavy theme.

Who wants to wear a trench coat that represents a sex-spy/show girl?

Strange theme aside, the show was classic and wonderful. The trench coats are still amazing, the skirts are flattering, the dresses are sexy and ‘dangerous’, the models are pure British (eh, most of them) bla bla bla. But one thing that I don’t really like from Burberry is the lack of surprises and that crazy, instance moments in fashion that’ll fade after a few years/months/days/hours. Like when the ‘flower’ power are everywhere and then 10 years later, people realized how crazy they were. Brave enough to wear a flower jumpsuit to Times Square. Euh…

Burberry is all about classic and safe. Their main clothes are all about trench coats with different prints and colors. It’s like same old game. Same player, different rules. Vice versa. I like the Burberry’s art of trench, but I am also dreading to see more…styles. Well, I think I have one thing in common with Christine (I am not really really sure. Once again, who wants to have a similar attitude with a sex-spy/show girl?), we tend to ask for more even though things are good as they are.

Taken from Style