Gray Sir!

by gimmegoodstyle

Let’s talk about men sometimes. Yes, they’re officially the most un-fashionable being in the human history (even Panda beats them)(seriously, Panda is too cute to go un-notice). Anyway, I also have to admit that even though 90 percents of men don’t care about fashion, the rest of them still pay respect to this industry somehow. Maybe by wearing new jeans or buying new shirts. Anything.

That’s why when I look at this picture, I see real man. A man that doesn’t pay too much attention to his clothes. He doesn’t try to dress like John Galliano or Bryan Boy to respect and feel fashion. Nope. He is just being who he is. And I bet he is a gray man because that coat fits perfectly on him. Like a second complexion.

Cool, a bit touch of homeless style (good way), a bit alcohol, like to play rough and dirty with tons of arrogance.

That’s a women’s favorite hunk.

Taken from The Sartorialist

grey, milan