by gimmegoodstyle

2013-03-30 16:11:41 +00001

Happy Easter!

It’s nice to have a long week end once in a while, isn’t it? I, myself, had a great time so far including babysitting my little cousins and dealing with nasty company and empty talks like ‘how’s the weather lately’ or ‘I think design is not right for you’ or shits like that. Ah, I have such a relaxing time.

Anyway, how’s your holiday?

Did you hunt some easter eggs and filled it with chocolate?

(Ohh…how I love easter eggs especially the ones that chocolate shops sell during the holiday and all you have to do is prepare your credit cards because, even though they’re really pricey, the chocolate is just too heavenly to resist!)

Did you go to church and sang one or two songs and prayed a bit?

Well, whatever you did -and will do- I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Advices:choose your company wisely, avoid cocky people, avoid people who laugh really hard, avoid people who always try to teach you useless tricks in life and avoid lava cakes or Jelly-O (they’re nasty and leave tons of dirts in your clothes). And avoid avoid avoid… wailing children!

Ah, and may God will always bless your days.