Scary Eyes

by gimmegoodstyle


Eyes are the windows to your soul. At least, that’s what wise people like to say and I won’t say that I am wise. I am more like an evil than an angel. I hope that evilness doesn’t show in my eyes. Ugh. I will never get a job if people can see that deep.

Okay, back to the point, not only the windows of soul, eyes are also the windows of style and impression. Trust me, if you’re going to an interview, the interviewer will always try to look right in your eyes then he/she will start analyzing your clothes, movements and back into your eyes. You talk, he/she stares and BAM! You get a phone call telling you that you’re in or out.

That’s why eyes are really important.

Now, time to discuss some serious matters… what are you usually do with your eyes? I mean, do you put contact lens? Do you put some make ups or mascara or eye liners? If you do then good, you’re already aware of the potentials of the eyes. If you haven’t, well, don’t panic because I have the most perfect solutions to make you turn from ‘plain eyes’ to ‘great eyes’.

The answer is….


Okay, maybe you’re thinking that it’s too extreme, but nothing feels too extreme in fashion or too strange. Hello…? This is the industry where misfits (in a good way) and creative people with different styles work. Goth is more than acceptable and normal. Oh, and you can always get people’s attentions which mean more chances to meet good soul. And good physics.

First, goth is not cat eye. Apply more black and put more scary stares (not whining). That will help and if you are not really into punk, but want to try this style, well, don’t wear anything that comes with skulls and apocalypses and strange words and black t-shirts that look more ‘trashy’ than rocker. Nope. Wear usual clothes with denim or leather jacket (Balenciaga? Alexander Wang? Isabel Marrant?)

You’ll look like a supermodel off-duty.

Sometimes windows can lie to, don’t they?

Taken from Jak and Jil