White Hunter

by gimmegoodstyle


I will be brutally honest with you. My companions when I eat in this restaurant were suck. I didn’t enjoy the whole situation and it was hyper-awkward (yeah, a new level of awkward which you have to avoid at all cost). I couldn’t even keep my foods in my stomach, needs tons of hard works and strong will to keep the food down.

But, I have to admit too, the foods are delicious and if it’s not because of my companions, I would enjoy the whole experience. Well, not all of the dishes, but enough to make me crave for more. Sad thing to remember though, sorry White Hunter!

Okay, back to work. I didn’t really pay attention to the menu when I went to the restaurant. Mostly because of the whole ‘awkward’ situation and my companion insisted on ordering for all of us. And he was the one that would pay the whole meals. So, I let him.

Instead of staring at the menu book, I paid more attention to the interior. It was normal with wood panels and low lightnings dominate the whole room. There are some tables outside, but they’re terribly close to the taxi queque and I don’t want to eat near cars and pollutions, but we got a nice seats beside huge windows which was good enough for me. And for my camera.

Don’t you love the lightning?

One thing that I have to tell you is the music is amazing. Not  boring acoustic that tries to cover pop songs. Nope. The music is pop mostly (think Bruno Mars and Maroon 5), but they play it in quite loud volume and somehow I enjoy it. Not annoying or too loud until you can’t hear what your friends are saying to you.

We ordered Ribs. One pork and the other one is beef with mashed potatoes as side dishes and french fries. The drinks aren’t really special. No one can mess a classic lemon tea and english breakfast. Ah, and chocolate milk shake with whipped cream (always good).

The first to come was the beef ribs. The ribs portion is quite big, but the meat is, well, not really worth the price. But they are really really generous with the french fires portion, maybe because we ordered ribs for two. The ribs taste good, even though quite hard to cut and chew, not a really good menu for kids with small teeth and small hands and small mouth. The sauce is quite good with a hint of sweet and sour and the french fries are good enough, thick and warm.


I don’t really feel that this is a special menu. It’s good, but not really worth-to-crave. I’ll give so-so status to this one, even though if they can improve the sauce and the smoothness of the beef, it will be more than ‘so-so’. I will keep an eye to this one.

Ah, now it’s the time for the pork ribs. I have to say that I love this menu more than the beef one. It is really beautiful and simple with 2 plates of well-prepared mashed potatoes (you can only see one in the photo though) and looks quite heavenly with brownish meat.


I tried to cut the ribs and was hoping to have some serious fight. Yeah, you know how tough ribs can be. Surprisingly, my fork cut the ribs like it is just a bunch of steamed potatoes. Means, it is really really easy to cut. The meats look like pork chop, but it was delicious with or without the sauce. Oh, and for your info, the sauce is really sour. I mean it. Maybe they make it with tomatoes and add something strange to it. It doesn’t feel good and I like it better in my mashed potatoes than on my ribs which feels very wrong.

The mashed potatoes itself is not really kicking or punching my throat (in good ways). More like waving gently in my throat without leaving anything worth to remember. I tasted some milks and…um….I forget. Anyway, you got the point.

Overall, this is a good restaurant to visit. Pricey and feels more like a cafe, but with good music, nice window and comforting sofa, I am sure you’ll enjoy it. But bring your best friends and close families. No awkward companies and moments when you wish to kill yourself and be reborn in somewhere else.

Ah, and the ribs are quite kicking (need to be noted; there is no oily fat or things that’ll make you remember how fat you are and make you feel guilty about eating the ribs), but need more improvements in ‘signature’ taste and it’s good, if White Hunter want to explore new techniques and sauces. By the way, the pork-ribs sauce is totally need an improvement or just change the whole ingredients. Ugh, I can still feel the sourness. Yikes….

I had a bad talks there, but nice foods. What do you think?

P.S: I don’t know if White Hunter has any branch restaurant in Jakarta, but I visited the one in Living World Mall, Tangerang. Only half an hour trip from West Jakarta, if you’re lucky (which you probably won’t, because Jakarta is infamous because of it’s traffic jam and smokey sky). Good luck!