Best Snack Ever Invented

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-04-02 11:19:46 +00001

This post is inspired by some culinary tv hosts that like to say ‘this is the best dish ever!!!’ even though they just said the exact same thing about the previous dishes in other restaurant and they did say it to the other restaurant on the previous episode, etc etc etc.

Now, can I ask you a question, what is the true definition of ‘best of the best’ in term of food?

I don’t think there is this ‘perfect’ food, so best of the best sounds more like a food that’ll blow your mind and you keep wanting it after that. No matter how many times you crave or eat it, you still like this food. It doesn’t have to be expensive or flawless or elegant to eat. Nope. It’s a simple pleasure that you can find and make you happy when you eat it. It also doesn’t have to be liked by your friends or family or by people in the world, it is better if you are the only one who like it.

You can make it your ‘signature’ food. Genius.

For example, I like Kit Kat Chunk and my friends used to stare blankly at me, when I told them that I like it way better than classic Kit Kat. I mean, with Chunk you can get this mouthful of chocolate and wafer and you just have to chew it once. No need to break the wafers one by one and eat it slowly.

I also like Oreo Mini, the ones that you can filled your mouth with as much as possible and chew it and the chocolates just rushing to fill every empty edge of your mouth, throat, down to your stomach. Classy.

Oh, and no need to dip it in a glass of milk whatsoever. Pff….

I am not sure if they’re ‘best of the best’ or which one better, but I can tell you; these two guys are awesome. And in case you’re wondering, I also like to eat muffin cakes (blueberry or chocolate chips or both of them), red velvets, cupcakes, chocolates (I prefer milk ones), and everything that comes with cheese and peanut butter (I have to talk about them as soon as possible).

In my case, those are the best snacks ever invented!