Cities’ Dress Codes

by gimmegoodstyle


Do you agree if I say that certain outfits only apply at certain times and places? Like you can wear all black from head to toe in New York, but you can’t wear something like that in LA or, when you go to Washington, you’ll dress more conservative and professional with suits or straight pants.

I mean, some places require some special dress codes and even though we’re not really tied to follow the rules, somehow, we are aware of them and try to change our style to match those rules. Just a little bit, but enough for us to feel the difference. Maybe because not all of us are brave enough to be different (weirdooooo!), including me.

Okay, so we know what NY and Paris or Milan dress codes are (something between minimalism, cool and stylish), but how about less-talked country liked Iran (uh, a bullet proof vest sounds good) (okay, forget Iran. I don’t want you guys to get shoot) or Asian country… maybe Hong Kong? Oh, Hong Kong! I love HK soo much… I remember buying  a lot of things from clothes to gadgets to snacks. They’re super cheap and discounts are every where from old town markets until luxurious boutiques.

I guess HK dress code is relaxed and holiday-like, maybe because I came in summer and everyone was enjoying their vacations. Hong Kong turned to this giant happy city, where people yell at each other, but they aren’t listening or trying to listen.

T-shirts and cargo pants sound good enough to visit Disney Land, but if you want to visit cooler places (SoHo, Central or some luxurious stores at Hong Kong), I suggest you to go to the nearest mall and buy some nice summer dresses or jumpsuits. If you hate both of them, you can try to dress like Rummy Neely; a cool yellow shirt (add some accessories like necklace or choker) with black micro pants (short pants) or studded denim shorts (Zara has one of the coolest denim shorts I have seen so far in my life).

Cool and very Hong Kong/New Yorker style.

Ah, and don’t forget to perfect it by wearing killer heels or Valentino kitten heels, if you don’t want to hurt your feet by dancing and walking in sky-high heels all night long.

What do you think?

Taken from Fashion Toast