Fendi Spring 2013 Menswear

by gimmegoodstyle


Spring is quickly approaching and I am still afraid that I don’t do appropriate posts to greet it. I mean, I did make some posts about menswear collection, but men are really ignorant and everyone knows that a post isn’t enough to attract their attentions.

Time to bring the big gun out. Fendi. Who doesn’t love this brand?

The luxurious and clean, but still stylish, clothes Fendi designed has won my heart since the first time I know fashion. It’s no difference for the menswear, the collection consists of some t-shirts, suits and shorts (like usual, yawn). There are some leather jackets, which aren’t really ‘spring’ for me with heavy (or at least they look heavy) leather and those capes. Uh, don’t really like them.

But the shorts-and-t-shirts combination is quite fun and exciting, I sense the easiness and relaxed style of spring mixed with the formal feeling that suits always give. Those two very different vibes compromise each other, creating a complete collection.

But there are some t-shirts that look really… I don’t know how to say it… maybe, old? I mean really old, like the ones my father used to have (I burned  his ‘old’ t-shirts and replace them with Nautica polo shirts, but that’s another story). I will blame it on the color (teal is just not right here) and those two ugly brownish lines on the right side of the clothes. Useless and out of style.

And believe it or not, Fendi has predicted the future through her collection.

Example, she cut the shorts shorter not because she wants to show some models’ legs (sorry girls). She predicted that a few years from now, it’ll be about heat. Yeah, with global warming, strange weather and heat attacks all around the world, I think it’s a good idea to prepare some shorts.

Post-apocalyptic needs: Fendi shorts.

Not really bad.

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