Geek of the Day: Hilary Brace

by gimmegoodstyle


Do you remember a film called August Rush? The one with a boy trying to find his parents and his only hope is his extraordinary musical talents with helps from a few street musicians, nice pastor, and cute girlfriend (I mean, a friend who is a girl). I love the film and, since then, I never ever underestimate a (half) autism kids. They can be geniuses, you know. Anyway, I am not here to talk about you August. Sorry, but no. You’ll have your turn next time.

I mentioned the film because there is this one scene (opening maybe), when he stares at the blue sky and gets hypnotized by the clouds and winds and all those dreamy materials Hollywood invented. When I see that scene, I felt this instant sympathy. I know what it feels like to absorb nature’s biggest element. Sky, the mighty clouds. How it makes your eyes hurt because of the light yet you still want to see more (that’s why people invented sunglasses) and it never fails to awe you, makes you feel so small and lost and feel peace at the same time.

Looks like Hilary Brace is inspired by the same thing (sky and clouds, not August Rush). Her drawings about clouds and storms really get me. Not because of the object of her drawings, but because of her skills. I mean, these pictures are insanely good. The dramatic feeling, the realistic rolling clouds and streams of air look like moving, changing and grumbling. Theatrical.

And she drew all of these magnificent masterpieces with her pencil! Well, with charcoal actually, but still awesome. I wish I can draw as beautiful as her. My drawings are…. speechless.

Anyway, these pictures come in handy sizes (around postcard-size), so make sure you type ‘Hilary Brace’ on Google, go to her official website (if she has one) and buy her drawings. I am sure you won’t regret having a piece of sky in your living room.

Taken from My Modern Met