Another Snow

by gimmegoodstyle

snow dolce and gabbana

If you read my blog daily (and I wish you do), I hope you remember a post about snow at Dolce and Gabbana venue, the one that I talked about man and his cool red gloves and bag and sweater. Let’s just say that you DO remember. Okay, I just realized that even though he looks super effortlessly stylish, there is another street styler who is more effortlessly stylish.

And yeah it’s a woman.

(Another proof that man never beat woman at styling and looking all good in snow)

(with heels!)

I mean, don’t you feel the sporty feeling from her hoodie which is perfectly mixed with her trench coat?And please don’t tell me that you don’t get how cool white pants and soft-blue shirts can be. They’re really really cool and chic and very… New York.

Oh, and her little bag is just cute. Love it.

Anyway, layering can be tricky and cause a disaster (you can look like a giant polar bear (nah, not cool) or like a homeless), but she can rock the look and I am really impressed by that.

Ah, a little tip for you, according to my observations (means a lot of time infront of my laptop and google), I notice that it’s better to use (almost) same color or neutral colors, if you want to do layering. This woman is the perfect example. White with soft blue combined with black hoodie (classic) and she wraps the whole look with creme/brown trench (normal).

Will you try it?

Taken from The Sartorialist