by gimmegoodstyle

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I have to admit that I am not quite sure about the definition of hipster. Is it man/woman in their 20s, dress up really stylish and cool? Is it man/woman that dresses like gangster? I don’t know, those urban words can be really confusing for not-native-english speaker like me. We even have a special class for ‘strange vocabulary’ in school back when I was struggling with my english.

Ah, memories….

Those classes never really help too much though.

Anyway, I think I can make my own definition about hipster. It’s a man/woman that dresses really cool and personal. They tend to layer their clothes and very rarely seen with only t-shirts and jeans. They’re…um… gangsters with no tattoos or guns or seductions or drugs or assassination. You can say that they’re the gangsters of fashion world. Cool but not really elegant.

And in this case, I can call this woman a hipster.

I mean, who can wear long cardigan with baggy pants and long scarf (vintage-tribal pattern) to a show like Chanel except Hipster? None. Well, maybe Anna Dello Russo at some point in her long portfolio of fashion madness, but the ones that definitely kill it is hipster. Praise their I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude and effortless layering style.

After all I guess Taylor Swift is right. When we are 22 (or 23, 24, 25 whatever you want), we should dress like hipster and make fun of our exes. Yipeee…..!

Taken from The Sartorialist