Fashion Forward

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-04-05 18:28:01 +00001

When Dries Van Noten told Garance Dore in an interview that he changes the way he make a collection to adapt with the internet media (eh…, I am shocked. Super shocked. He is such an icon. An icon doesn’t change the way he/she is because of the pressure, they change because they want to change. Dries changes because people want to see more vivid, realistic and easier to reviewed collection. This is a proof that sometimes people do have to change. Icon or not.

Anyway, I am also shocked because, even though I am a blogger myself, I never thought that internet and media have changed fashion soo much. Dries told Garance that he tries to make prints on his dresses and clothes larger to make people become easier to see it on He also chooses his opening number carefully to attract more attention on Well, he didn’t actually say that, but everyone thinks like that. This is not a secret, I am telling you.

This phenomenon makes me thinking, what will it be in the future (doomsday is not the answer)? Fashion becomes more into media than real clothes, designers are trying to be online and communicative all the time. Some of them are loosing it and become really commercial. I hate them. Even though there are still some good and cool designers that trying soo hard to keep their ‘touches’ on their collections, I am sure that one day fashion is more internet than people.

Well, I am not really complaining, it’s just thoughts. But I can’t help but miss those beautiful moments when people stop criticizing how a designer collection is and the only thing they say to clothes is either beautiful or chic and you don’t have to change the entire collection only for a website that gonna live-stream your show. Nonsense.

Well, the only tip I can give, if you want to hear it. Just stay true to your styles and inspirations, don’t change your designs and styles because I just love your collection, if it has meaning and personality, not just some ordinary dresses that every woman can buy on stores. Nope. You guys are more than that. But it’s okay to change for a better you, but don’t change too fast or too much. We also need time to process you know…Am I being too selfish?

Whatever. Just enjoy the fashion as long as it exists in our freaking lives!