Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers

by gimmegoodstyle


Give it up for the new Opening Ceremony capsule collection with Spring Breakers. Yes, the film. I haven’t watched it because my friends said that it’s ‘too vulgar’ and ‘too much porn-related scenes.’ But I will definitely watched it -it’s just a matter of time. It’s not because I want to watch a bunch of girls trying to enjoy their spring vacation with bikinis and micro pants, I just want to see the style and fashion. And I believe that the ‘porn-related’ scenes aren’t porn at all. Most teens in Indonesia have sexual experiences as much as little pandas. Our culture is too hard to resist or denied.

Back to the capsule collection. Most of the items are basketball shirts and accessories like rubber brands with bright, soft colors that will make you feel like you’re wering an ice cream. Nothing ‘too high fashion.’ This is a collection for teens and young people or anyone that like to wear hoodie and basketball shirt to hang out with his/her friend. According to my enormous fashion files in my computer, it is very rare for high-end boutiques to sell teen fashion items, especially the ones that don’t have evening gown or sparkling dresses in their collections, except Topshop or Forever 21, but they are totally different.

Well, I think this is a super sweet collection and good clothes to buy to greet Spring season. Will you break some money and go to Opening Ceremony and buy this Spring Breakers collection? If I become you, I won’t miss this collection (or any collection that Opening Ceremony will release).

Taken from Dazed Digital