What Spring Dress Really Means

by gimmegoodstyle

spring awakening theglamourai.com

Yeah, spring addicts, time for a little bit education by me. The master of spring, who lives in the country where sun seems to never stop shining and people are everywhere, but the beach. It’s too hot to have a walk in the beach. Remember that if you want visit Jakarta one day.

Anyway, to be honest, even though I just wrote a really cocky paragraph just now, I don’t know if there is a real spring dress. I mean, I know how summer dress looks like, but spring dress? Uh… never heard about it before or really seen it or even heard people talking about it. But I am sure you guys think about something flowery, flowing, almost like summer dress but with thicker materials (just like I said before: beware of the weather). Hmm… not half bad, but isn’t it too normal? All those florals are making me bored slowly. Floral here, roses there, fresia here and tulips there. Ugh, I love flowers, but I don’t want to wear them all the time for 4 months. I will look like either a gardener or walking flower garden.

Where is the fun?

Okay, here’s what you (and I) are going to do. You’ll wear a jeans and t-shirts, run to the nearest store and buy dresses like in the picture. Ones with neutral or earth colors, plain but easy at the same time. One thing that makes me fall in love and recommend you those dresses are the luxurious silouhette and cool tails (?).

Very high fashion. Very chic. Very easy….

Just name it.

Don’t get me wrong. Flower power is totally my thing. But there are times when I just have a day off with all those flowers, wear something normal and easy and go shopping or things like that. After all, spring is about being relaxed after a long hard battle of winter, right?

Taken from The Glamourai