Paris Fantasy

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-04-09 09:49:05 +00001

I have this strange habit of dreaming a city or a place and pretend that I am in that place. Like I get addicted to New York City and I used to let myself sink in a daydream where I pretend that I am in New York. Staring at giant screens in Times Square, pretending to attend NYU or Parsons, drinking Starbucks and eating bagels cockily in front of Tiffany, singing the theme song of Wicked in Broadway (uhh….very Glee!). And (my real dream actually) busily arranging clothes and setting up editorial shoots in Vogue office, debating with Anna Wintour about some haute couture dresses. Ah, so sweet and tastes so real…

(And for your record, I am not crazy, this is my way to envision what I want to be in the future.)

(Maybe a little bit insane, I have to admit.)

But my famous New York dream/ambition/passion has to stop for a while because I am dying to go to…. drum roll, please…. Paris! Oh, Paris! The one and only city where fashion is literally in the air, where elegance is a must and where the most beautiful people and clothes reside, waiting patiently to be picked up by fashionistas from all over the world and best designers are there, in their beloved studios, creating masterpiece one after another. I can really imagine myself work for them as consultant, giving opinions and critics. Cool, just cool.

Paris, The City of Lights! The capital city of Haute Couture… Man, I am obsessed in a bad way.

Sorry for those preachings, but those’re true and I will kill someone, if I have to, to go there.

Anyway, I used to think that Paris is a bit overrated. I mean they have fashion, so what? We all have fashion district in our cities.

What’s the big deal?

But my friends, Florence Kurniawan who is really creative and artistic (you should see her drawings and posters!) just got back from Paris (!) and she told me that nothing is overrated about Paris. It’s really cool, fashionable, the people can be a little bit frustrating (try to hear and spell a few French words and you will get frustrated too), the weather was cold and felt great, the foods are expensive and she is also dying to go back there.

She is even learning French to apply in one of Parisian colleges. Big deal, I am telling you.

Well, what do you think Parisians? Is your city worth a visit (and daydream) from me?