Geek of the Day: Alexandre Socci and Pedro Olivia

by gimmegoodstyle


Sport photographer Alexandre Socci just made a collection of photos about a kayaker and his team, Pedro Olivia, kayaking in the middle of boiling sea water really close to an active volcano Kilauea in Hawaii. Not only kayaking near the lava drips, Pedro also jumped to the boiling, barely frozen lava stones and just walked there like a boss.

I almost died watching this series of photographes.

I mean, this is not an easy task, right? Pedro kayaked really close to the lavas until it looks like one of those super creepy lava drips just right above his head. If he stayed a minute longer, the moment when the lava dropped and literally boiled the water, he would be… No, I don’t want to think about it.

And don’t you dare saying that the photographer got the easier work. It’s not easy trying to balance yourself in a small boat, in very very hot water (90 degrees Celsius with lava material still hot enough to burn your ass, if you’re unlucky) and the steam is just a perfect way to make blurry shoots. All happened near dripping lavas.

Totally the worst and, possibly, the best job ever (if you like being in the middle of the sea with nothing but kayak and an active VOLCANO!)

I for one won’t try to kayak as close as Pedro and Alexandre (who wants?). I mean, I can barely hold both of my feet on the ground for walking and kayak sounds a bit more… um, less balanced. And volcano sounds a bit scary on my ears. Anyway, Pedro and Alexandre prove that they’re pros in both sports and photography worlds and to say that these shoots are great is a bit understatement. These photos are sick!

Taken from My Modern Met