Pajamas Return?

by gimmegoodstyle

marc jacobs pajamas paris

Fashion is a crazy bunch of trends that never stops revolving around, changing and re-appearing any time it has a chance. The bad thing is some of the ‘come backs’ are good, some of them are not really good for me. Like 20s style or neon colors? Um… okay, great on models, sickening on me. Same talks about pajamas trend.

Remember the time when it is okay to wear pajamas to fashion weeks and people still accept you and think that you’re cool and different? Well, that is an awkward time for me in fashion. On one hand I really like being in my pajamas. Really comfy and homey and feels like I can drive to sleep anywhere, anytime. On the other hand, it feels really weird and un-appropriate to come to malls or just walking around the city with pajamas especially in the middle of the day.

No, just not for me. I have decided since the day two of pajamas trend.

After the pajamas trend is over, I thought I would never have to face the awkwardness again. My friends stop asking me about trying to wear pajamas to parties and the ‘designers’ pajamas are gone. Haha! Viva no pajamas!

Unfortunately, my favorite fashion icon and designer and one of the men who I always think are half-gods, Marc Jacobs, came into his really cool shows in Paris with pajamas. 3 times in a row. And people started to talk….

The pajamas are back!


Taken from Jak and Jil