Matthew Marden’s Home

by gimmegoodstyle


A home is a place where the owner put his life into it. Stuff their private things and be who they are. And if we are lucky, we got invited and can see a little bit about their selves, what they actually look like. That’s why moving in together can be a really challenging thing for a couple. The sudden cut of private spaces, the stuffs that you will hide from your partner and a feeling that you won’t have your ‘free’ place ever again.

Am I being a drama king? Yes, I am.

Anyway, my point is if you want to know who people really are, just look into their homes. And for me Matthew Marden’s home reflects nothing but constant styles, intelectual, creativity and freedom to create what he likes the most. Amazing.

If you read the Interview magazine regularly (or if you are obsessed with mags like me), well, you must have heard about him. He is the fashion director of the magazine and he has done a wonderful job. Living in a homey home with his beau, Bobby Graham, Matthew sure has collect a lof of things from arts to fashion to books which we all know turn the sexy meters thousand levels up.

One thing that I have to tell you is his book collections are massive and his fashion accessories are shockingly good (love the bag with the road and wheel print. Edgy). Easy stuffs like jeans and sneakers are everywhere. I instantly adore this man, he is not extremely fashionable like Bryan Boy, his attitudes that reflect the passion for fashion. And he has amazing art collections that you have to see for yourself (I have never seen them either for real, but whatever).

The strangest thing is he reminds me a bit of myself. The ‘artsy’ things, the ‘fashionable heart’ thing, the literature thing, the book collection thing. Everything! Well, Matthew, if you decided to leave your job at Interview…let me know. Maybe you can save me your position until I am ready to take it, um, 5 years from now? Is it cool with you?

Taken from The Coveteur