Big Jacket, Big Warmth

by gimmegoodstyle

streetfsn shopping time

It’s quite strange to talk about warmth and jackets when you are in the middle of the preparations to greet spring time. Maybe it would be nicer if I talk something that is really trending right now; flower power. Whatever. But I found a few (okay, a few hundreds sounds more honest) cool pictures about jackets and they’re amazing, I can’t help but saving them and waiting for the right time to show them to you. Oh my, spring ruins my plan.

Anyway, what jacket do you prefer? A big one? A slim fit one? Double button one? I myself prefer to wear huge jacket, the ones that you buy if you want to go to Antartica. They look really warm and cute, makes me look like a polar bear stuffed in huge piles of pillows (you are free to barf, but I am telling you the truth). It is not something I want to be though, if I have to go to fashion week.

The point is huge jacket (eskimo jacket?) is cozy and warm, but who can rock the style?

Supermodel is the answer. Man! Supermodel is the answer for any street style questions! Who can wear this hideous Rick Owens mask? Supermodel. Who can walk in this Prada boots? Supermodel. Who can wear this Burberry trench coat without having to wear anything under it and still look sexy and flirty, not disgraceful and slutty? Supermodel and Rihanna.

Okay, maybe not only supermodels, but you can rock it too if you have a slender body and perfect leggings and sneakers (or heels) to go with it. Like in this picture, the color of the jacket isn’t really attractive, but the white stripes on her leggings and those square-patterned sneakers are giving a huge help to the look. Plus, a little shopping ‘proves’ from high-end boutiques. You are ready to go warm and huge!

Taken from StreetFSN