Fur Blanket

by gimmegoodstyle

fur blanket-milan jakandjil.com

Okay, another post about how cool winter can be. Anyway, I think I am going to talk about winter until spring ends, there is soo much to talk about! I am hyperventilating because of panic. Well, I am still fascinated with the luxurious item called fur. Man, they’re just too good to let go (feel really sorry for those cute animals). I am still thinking about buying my first fur coat when I move to New York someday. But I think I am going to change my mind and buy a larger item instead. A fur blanket.

That’s right. A freaking fur blanket.

I am not thinking out of the box, I am thinking inside it instead. If I buy a fur coat, it will be great on winter but I can’t wear that until the next season and we all know what that means; out of date! On the other hand, fur blanket never become out of date. It is huge enough to cover your whole body and you can always turn it into a scarf, which will be a very expensive one. Plus, you can turn on your air conditioner to it’s lowest temperature and wear the blanket. Feels like winter, trust me.

Ah, and fur blanket will make you become even sexier. You have to fantasize about it though.

Don’t think that you can’t wear a blanket outside. Of course you can! Just wrapped it on your neck like a giant scarf and you’re ready to go. Garance Dore said it was everywhere during fashion week, which means it’s cool and acceptable and chic.

Go get your blanket ladies and gentlemen!

Taken from Jak and Jil