Lego Clutch Time

by gimmegoodstyle

legoclutch streetfsn

Chanel always amazes me with their collection, from crystal studded eye brows until… lego clutch. Yeah, let me repeat once again; lego. Those tiny little bricks we used to use to build our secret military base somewhere in our imagination, space station far outside the Milky Way and castle where our sleeping princess waiting to be kissed by our prince charming. In short, lego can build anything in our imaginations. You just have to have a lot of them and buy those tiny books, which has a lot of easy instructions and how-tos manuals.

Now, it came back as a clutch, like a fashion reincarnation. Cool.

I never thought that I could be this happy seeing those bricks again after a long time (I stop playing lego at 9 because my father stepped on one of those sharp bricks. The rest is history). This lego clutch somehow bring back a lot of memories and I can’t help but feeling a little bit childish about it. Hmm, more like a mixture between childish and maturity. I mean, this is still a Chanel clutch, which means it will give you tons of awesome-ness and chicness and a sophisticated feeling, if you buy it with your own money. But this looks more like lego (the name is lego clutch for God’s sake!)  and I associate the name with children and happy time in the past. Ah, what a fabulous feeling that makes me want it even more.

I think this clutch can go with everything. Imagine wearing a simple black dress and you want an accessorie to make your outfit become brighter; lego clutch is just perfect. Change to bizzarre outfit like Anna Dello Russo and you are run out of ideas which ‘bizzarre’ clutch that you can wear; lego clutch is available. Red carpet event! Expensive Calvin Klein gown and need a clutch to go with it; lego clutch is a perfect choice.

Okay, maybe this clutch doesn’t really go with everything after all. But this is STILL amazing and I am going to pray for someone to give this for me (almost impossible, I know). Maybe I can collect them and make more luxurious and fashionable lego bricks. Chanel bricks sounds like fun!

Wanna join me in the playground?

Taken from StreetFSN; Style Bubble

chanel lego clutch